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Westec Alarm Systems
Do you have an older Westec Alarm System? If so, you have probably found out it is rare if not impossible to find anyone who can work on it for you. If you reside in Orange County or the surrounding areas in Southern California, you are in luck. Andtech is an advanced systems integrator and in most cases can get your system up and running again. Products from Westec were technologically ahead of their time. The keypads are unique, black in color and unfortunately rather large so if removed drywall repair was eminent. The Alarm division of Westec was sold twice, so parts are rare to find. We at Andtech run our company allot like Westec did, with quality, professionalism and accountability, BUT were family owned and operated. We can monitor your system and keep you protected. Keep our number handy! This way the next time you call “zDT” for service (they will claim it’s too old or no one knows how to fix these old systems), that’s when you will be glad you found us. Again, this was an advanced product and most companies don’t understand electronics, they are more handyman than technicians. If anyone can fix it, Andtech can. We will get you back running at better prices than the competition (even though there isn’t any)…….

Andtech is not a $99 operation. We believe in installing quality equipment that will last at fair monitoring rates keeping you out of long term contracts. Armed response service is available for additional fees when desired.

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