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If you are a customer of Andtech who needs to replace your Wireless field devices, you should follow and know these important steps. First, all Andtech Alarm Panels have a Lead Acid Battery that when required to change should be performed under our direction and care. All old batteries after replacement should be recycled or disposed of properly. A Panel battery unlike the field batteries should be changed at least every 5 years (and sometimes more frequently). Field batteries (Wireless Zones) can be performed by the homeowner, but this is best performed with our awareness as signals of tampering will be transmitted to central. When a field device battery approaches the end of it’s life, typically there is a one month grace period to perform the correction. If your keypad beeps notifying you of a battery dieing, a simple acknowledgement (usually passcode +off ONE time) will silence the beep for 24 hours. If you have a modern system, the link below will assist you in changing out your field batteries. If your system uses the older 9Volt battery or some other technology, you may be able to follow the directions below but the devices will not be listed and the batteries used will not be the same.

Remember, Andtech offers, extended warranties and battery change programs to assist you in keeping your system in top condition, key to maintaining Proactive Security. Although the lion’s share of the transmitters require the Duracell (or equivalent) DL123A battery, it is recommended that you verify the battery needed for your transmitter prior to purchase as device requirements and quantity vary amongst the transmitter family.

Please note - If after review you feel, it be best that we perform the corrective action, please contact our office during business hours to arrange a service call.

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