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Antenna / Satellite TV Systems (Includes HDTV)
Antenna Systems

Master Antenna Television
Similar to private cable, many properties wish to offer standard local channels. Since the late 1970's, Andtech has been installing and repairing Master Antenna Systems.

  • Andtech has the proper test equipment to diagnose problems correctly.
  • Emergency service available.
  • We cater to Property Managers.
Represented Manufacturers Include:

  • Blonder Tongue
  • Channel Master
  • Drake
  • Holland
  • Magnavox
  • Pico Macom
  • Wineguard
Satellite TV
Traditional cable companies simply use a combination of antennas and dishes to produce what they sell. So why switch or consider satellite systems? More variety, better reception and you save money!

Initially, the Cable Industry's intent was to simply bring TV signals to remote areas where TV antennas were not sufficient. With the introduction of movie channels and other premium services, cable had an edge in suburban America. With so many new channels popping up cable cannot keep up. The only alternative is Satellite TV. Current technology allows us to offer the small 18inch dish systems. Besides their size, there is a difference between the 18-inch and 10-foot dish systems. There are more than 1,000 channels available if you have a 10-foot dish. The 18-inch system does a great job of replacing cable, but the big dishes are still a better value in the long run!

Big Dish Advantage
The large C-band dishes are the dominating form. Andtech currently promotes the General Instruments 4D TV systems, but supports all others.

  • There are over thirty satellites in space, each with about 24 channels.
  • Many channels are still available free of charge, while small dish systems charge for these very same services.
  • Better video taping can be expected with our systems. Enhanced compression technology and cleaner distribution can result in a better product.
  • Sleek installation means we interface your system transparently without switches.
  • Great variety of sports entertainment.
  • Camouflaged systems are available. Hiding the dish under a specially designed patio umbrella is just one of the available options.
  • It's the only system that offers adult films in their unedited form.

18inch Dish
Andtech offers both DirecTV and Dish Network systems.
  • Satellite is more economical than cable. Satellite allows you to design the programming package that is right for you.
  • Get East Coast feeds. This means you are able to watch many of your favorite shows at an earlier time.
  • Better picture quality than analog cable could ever dream of offering.
  • Local channels are still available.
Represented Manufacturers Include:
  • DirecTV
  • Dish Network

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