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CCTV Surveillance
In today’s world, CCTV is everywhere, you can’t go anywhere without being on camera. With Hollywood, they give you the idea if you put a camera up, you can record everything. But the truth is you can’t. If you watch the news, you can see live shots of traffic but they can’t get a license plate easily. It takes special know how and equipment. With companies like Costco and Fry’s, you can buy all kinds of Cameras and recording products. One of the industries problems is, there is very little license requirements to install. And you know what IT SHOWS!! Our customers usually come to us after their big disappointment with "zDT" company. They thought they could do all these magical things with basic products and the truth is you can’t.

With Andtech, we will tell you if your specification and budget is realistic. With new Megapixel I.P. cameras, it takes patience to really set them up correctly. Once installed correctly, Oh how they perform! But all this takes time, training and proper test Equipment, something most installers lack. When you contract with us, we perform the installation with care and exceptional detail. Each camera is carefully adjusted for maximum performance (day and night).

So if you are looking for a new system or just are unhappy with your current system, remember, Andtech’s 20 years in the industry is how you obtain a wealth of knowledge. Ask for a testimonial and soon you’ll be convinced, it was a great decision to switch to Andtech!!

Benefits Include:
  • Lowering the number of personnel at facilities by allowing complete observation through strategic design
  • Documenting thefts for authorities
  • Verifying questionable events
  • Remote site surveillance capabilities
  • Reduce internal and external theft
  • Verify workers compensation claims

Manufacturer Partners Include:
  • Bosch
  • Panasonic
  • DSC
  • Altronix
  • Ademco / Honeywell
  • Pelco
  • Ever Focus
  • Samsung

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