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Frequently Asked Questions
Alarm Related
Question: Does my Fire or Burglar Alarm system have to be connected to an AT&T / Verizon land based Telephone Line?

Answer: Alarm systems were invented decades before the internet. And because of that, alarm systems had to be compatible with analog type telephone companies using analog parameters not the new digital networks. Furthermore, Andtech’s alarm systems are installed with a feature known as “Line Seizure”. This method prevents house wiring errors, power outages and other things from stopping the alarm signal transmission from reaching our Central Station (a critical link). Today, many companies are fighting for your telephone business. What you must realize is these new services are NOT equivalent to the Ma Bell’s good old POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) technology. To maintain an effective security system, you must either have dependable Line Seizure POTS Telephone lines or a product that is designed to get your signal thru like Andtech’s radio network! Andtech sees the introduction of services like digital phone and VOIP services as a big yellow flag for Alarm Systems as these services can stop functioning as soon as the power at your home dies. Furthermore, they don’t always work with data products not to mention their integrity is questioned greatly since those products can require a box on your counter that requires being plugged in a wall socket. If they loose power or stop functioning, bye bye telephone service!

In conclusion: So before you cut off that dependable analog telephone line, it would be very wise to first look at what devices use the line and will they work as Dependable and as Secure as what you’d expect?
Question: What should I know before I purchase and install New Windows and Doors for my home?

Answer: With home remodeling projects always going on, we always seem to have a client involved in getting new windows and doors. This is always a wonderful thing isn’t it, New items for the house. Unfortunately, many Window and Door Companies don’t plan on worrying about your alarm system and unfortunately this oversight can render your security system USELESS if your not too careful. If you have an Andtech alarm system, there is a very good chance all the windows and doors are part of protecting the home. It is critical that BEFORE you sign their contract for these great products, you call us to see how this might affect you. Many companies claim they might be able to keep the system functioning. Too many times during routine inspections, we discover problems. Andtech’s Alarm Systems are installed with advance installation practices. All wires are soldered for dependability. Last time we checked, window companies don’t usually solder, especially small wires. So don’t allow one investment to render a previous one unusable. In many cases, we can work with these companies and assist them so they don’t cripple the Security investment you have previously made. To do this though requires good planning!

In conclusion: If you’re in the market for new Doors and Windows, don’t sign their contract until both they AND your Security Company (Andtech) agrees we are on the right track so you get improved physical security as well as maintain the previously installed electronic one.
Question: The Keypad for my alarm system keeps beeping what do I do?

Answer: First, as an Andtech customer, we want you to know how to properly use your alarm system. The beeping is most likely caused by a system trouble. This trouble could be a low battery, disconnected phone line or any device not working correctly. Here is what to do in this order;
  1. Go to the keypad and see what it might be displaying. If you have an advanced keypad (one with a full alpha-numeric display), it will probably display its abnormality with the words “Trouble” or “Check”. Usually it will state the zone number and a description of the device that is having problems. If so, check it out. If you are not sure what the cause is and your system IS monitored by us, give us a call and we will try to assist in determining what it is.
  2. Many systems can be momentarily silenced simply by acknowledging the trouble. This may be done like this;
    1. If your keypad has a “Command” button, try entering “Command 4”.
    2. If the keypad beeping does not have a “Command” button, try entering your passcode and then off. This should only be done One (1) time only! This will temporarily stop the beeping giving you time to get the problem corrected. Entering the code + off additionally will reset the system and the beeping will return.
    3. If neither of these help silence the keypad, please give us a call for further assistance.

In conclusion: We want you to have a system that is dependable and easy to use. With so many products to choose from, Andtech weed’s out systems that perform below our standards, thus offering product you can use today and depend on tomorrow!
What should I do before I leave for vacation?

Answer: No one ever wants to come back to their home or office to find they have been broken into! This is especially true after a much needed vacation. Certain steps should be taken whenever you are planning a vacation.

  1. Discontinue Mail and paper deliveries. This can be done on-line.
  2. Notify trusting neighbors so they keep an eye and ear alert to your property.
  3. Check that exterior lights are working so to make it tougher for criminals to hide around your property.
  4. Get a few energy efficient lamps on random timers. Set them so during your normal at home hours they illuminate the lights simulating the appearance you are home.
  5. If Andtech is your Alarm Company (great choice!), notify us and we will have a note placed on your account so we immediately dispatch authorities and advise them that no one is suppose to be at the home or business.

Question: How do I change my Emergency Contact Information (ENL)?

Answer: To change any information on your alarm account, it is required that we verify who you are and your authority. This is best handled with a phone call. Once we verify this, we ask that you email or fax the information changes along with your contact info so we have a hard copy of the changes you are requesting. There is no charge for this service and is usually handled within one business day.
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