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Frequently Asked Questions
TV / HDTV Related
Question: Are there such things as Digital or HD TV antennas?

Answer: NO! Recently, we have been receiving many calls about the pending DTV switchover which congress has moved the deadline to June 12th. For the record, this is a voluntary date! Be advised, Television Stations may switch their signal from full power analog (what you may be use to) to Full Power Digital at anytime AND move their digital channel they transmit on! They can switch today. It is an economics thing!! Getting back to the question; Because everyone is a believer that digital is better than the old analog system and it isn’t a mystery to continue watching TV after June 12th, they must buy a

new TV or Digital Converter Box, many people are also believing statements that they must have a new “Digital” TV Antenna. This is a false statement!

If you live in Southern California and in a single family type dwelling (not part of a Master community), then you will probably not be required to do anything else but hook up your TV or converter box, let it learn the channels and start watching. The world of RF (Radio Frequencies), can be puzzling. Many factors can affect a TV signal, but once you understand how electrons flow thru the air and that they merely need to be captured, you will then realize what type of signal (Analog or Digital) is being captured DOES NOT MATTER TO THE ANTENNA! A TV Antenna does this job very well and will continue regardless of the signal type. It only cares about frequency. If you are part of a community system or have a larger home where Amplifiers are part of the Television Distribution System, then these amplifiers may need to be attended to BUT the Antenna will not! If you were to buy a simple Digital Converter Box and hook it up to a proper working TV Antenna, most likely you will find that everything works correctly. There is no such thing as a Digital TV Antenna, just TV Antennas. For more information on TV related products, go to

In conclusion: So even though the world of Digital TV is eminent, trust only those skilled in the technology of RF to verify your TV Antenna is not going to work. If you can now receive TV channels 7 - 13 and 28, 50 and 56 clearly (analog), most likely nothing more needs to be done.
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